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Haifu Blue Whale II (2) National (Tuned)

Haifu Blue Whale II (2) National (Tuned) ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 40 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 4 times)

There are 3 users using the Haifu Blue Whale II (2) National (Tuned).
From community:
Speed   8.1
Spin   8.6
Control   8.0
Tackiness   5.8 - Medium tacky
Throw Angle   4.0 - Medium
Weight   8.0 - Heavy
Sponge Hardness   8.5 - Hard
Gears   7.8 - Many gears
Durability   5.0 - Average durability
Consistency   3.8
Overall   8.5 10
From manufacturer:
Speed /
Spin /
Tensor   No

Description of Haifu Blue Whale II (2) National (Tuned)

This is a factory tuned rubber, comparable to speed glue.


hojim  on 11/5/2009

Using it since April '09 on 3 different blades, had to re tune. This rubber still kicks. Loops and serves are super spinny. The trick is to clean it after playing and use a protection sheet. I left one uncovered over night which resulted in some oxidation, but still played good. If this rubber had a little more feeling it would be a 10.
arcalion  on 6/30/2009

one of the best rubber i have tried..good spin,good speed and unbelievieble control..it is not tacky as h3 ,but very grippy..super rubber for chinese style,but not very durable..my rubber died after 1 month..


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