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Palio Thors

Palio Thors ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 30 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 39 times)

There are 11 users using the Palio Thors.
From community:
Speed   8.6
Spin   9.2
Control   8.3
Tackiness   6.6 - Medium tacky
Throw Angle   4.6 - Medium
Weight   6.4 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   8.1 - Hard
Gears   7.9 - Many gears
Durability   7.0 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.4
Overall   9.0 10
From manufacturer:
Speed /
Spin /
Tensor   Yes

Reviews of the Palio Thors

Review Jean said this on September 30, 2010:

So far it is the best combination of speed and spin I have ever experienced
Review Thomas said this on October 10, 2010:

Very good looping rubber
Review nicefrog said this on October 10, 2010:

I found this rubber to really good, it feels a bit different to a Chinese tacky but the tensor sponge isn't springy like you think it would be. Overall it feels just a little faster than the DHS NEO's but makes more spin and it's very good for looping from mid distance. I'm sure this will end up a popular and quite famous looping rubber
Review AndySmith said this on November 8, 2010:

Palio produced this with the aim of making a chinese/euro hybrid - and they've definitely managed it. You have some of the best qualities of traditional tacky chinese rubbers (easy over-the-table control, massive spin on serves), while the tensor sponge gives the whole thing enough pop to work away from the table and in loop-loop rallies.

It's not as fast as the banzai euro tensors - noticably slower than Palio's own Blit'z for example. But there's enough bounce to it to avoid the lack of pace problem with something like Neo H3 away from the table. Imagine a super-spinny Sriver, and you're almost there.

The only problem I found was with hitting - the trajectory really flattens out and requires some adjustment.

However, the spin you can get is simply shocking. And pace is good once you get the sponge working. An incredible rubber. Could work as a tenergy replacement if you've used chinese rubbers in the past.
Review debraj said this on November 16, 2010:

completely different animal from all TT rubbers previously made.

very very good in winning games...

....not really that good for easy playing, ..... but definitely easier than tenergy, and more effective than tenergy.
Review Jonathan said this on November 19, 2010:

Superb!, something that ups the anti like this usually comes to the table tennis world once a generation. We already were blessed with Tenergy, raising the bar again with Thor's so quickly wasn't expected.

Bravo to those who designed this rubber.
Review mmerkel said this on December 9, 2010:

Great rubber for looping and loop driving once you get used to it. Give it a few weeks before you pass judgment on this rubber either way.
Review dhas said this on December 19, 2010:

Another excellent rubber from Palio that is generating much hype (most of it quite deserved).

Exceptional over the table and at mid distance. Above average on serves and long distance. One of the TOP 10 rubbers ever played with.

Cons. Not very linear, especially from long distance and on shots with heavy spin.
Review amelnik said this on January 6, 2011:

used on a 5 ply Ary/Carbon blade

modern defender

long time tenergy 05 user, emphasis on straight arm swing (some call this chinese style)...

the only think it does not match tenergy in is is counterlooping ease.....it can still counter loop just as effectively, just more effort is required....greater spin, speed, blocking, chopping serves and pushes....much harder sponge
Review otakujo said this on January 17, 2011:

Wow!!! This rubber has definately surprised me. I switched to this from DHS Neo H3 Provincial and as much as I try to convince myself that I can play better with the the NEO H3 i really can't. THORS has just as much spin but provides extra speed and kicks like a german rubber. This rubbers amazing!!! 52 - 54 degree german tensor sponge with a sticky chinese topsheet. Deadly combination if you ask me :)
Review vanjr said this on January 21, 2011:

Very high quality product. Really attacks well. I am having to adjust some in the short game to a more active stroke. Also not easy to counter loop topspin from mid-distance as many other rubbers (its cousin palio blitz for example) but that is not a major component to my game. IMO not easy to chop with.
Re-reading my review, I sound a little critical. I do think there is too much hype for this rubber. However, I must confess that this is the rubber I am currently using for tournament play, so I really do love it. Counterlooping off the table remains difficult.
Review DKPOWA said this on May 17, 2011:

I love this rubber!! Is the perfect solution for those who like a controled game with the chance of explosive shots. Im using Max Sponge Black for FH. If you loop hard, it has a lower throw than normal topspin, I think is because of the tensor sponge that catapults the ball before it sinks in the hard topsheet, normal looping is high throw thanks to the tackiness. Slow shots are slow, but you need a loose hand or else the tensor will act up xD
Review slashattack said this on June 6, 2011:

October 27, 2010
A great rubber just like the Macro Era and Blit'z. Slower than the two rubbers previously mentioned. It is tacky, but not super tacky. Feels like a much better DHS Neo Hurricane 3.

Update: June 6, 2011
After ~8 months of use, speed and spin is about 60% of the original. 8 months for a tensor is by far the longest I've ever gone using the same rubber sheet. The biggest problem I have with tensor durability is loss in grip, but since the topsheet is tacky it maintains an acceptable(not amazing) amount of spin in the long run. I think I will use this on the BH as well since obtaining sheets of Blit'z has become difficult :(.
Review lunarlegend1524 said this on August 2, 2011:

Just switched to it from H3 Neo Provincial, loved it after a few loops. This is better than H3 in everyway, except for the tackiness. Each hit is like a fired bullet with powerful spin. I'm not gonna change back to H3 again
Review vvk said this on August 19, 2011:

Tried Palio Thors for a month on Xiom Zetro Quad and V1. Very good in the short game, much less sensitive to incoming spin than a normal non-tacky rubber such as Omega IV.

Slow controllable loops are very nice, with loads of spin. However, this rubber especially shines in the fast power loop department. It seems to generate so much spin, that my opponents are having a lot of trouble retuning the ball.

At least as good as Tenergy 05. IMHO, better due to far superior control in the short game.
Review Mazarley said this on September 14, 2011:

Having read through the previous reviews on this rubber, I think that the general consensus is that Thors is something special.

I have to agree with this summation, in so much as Palio really has been successful in merging a Chinese style 'tacky' topsheet with a 'tensor' effect sponge.

The review by AndySmith mirrors my own opinion, and I agree that when driving and smashing you have to take into account the low throw angle or your shot will bottom-out and you'll just hit the net. It just takes a little adjustment in technique to offset this. Aside from this point Thors really does deliver - service, touch, control and spin are superb, at the table, and the sponge really kicks in at mid-distance and gives that all important catapult to your shot.

People have thus far mentioned Tenergy, but Thors is most certainly not a rubber I would compare to any of the Butterfly Tenergy range. Chinese rubber with layer upon layer of speed glue would be accurate. Having said that Butterfly have a rubber called 'SpinArt' which is similar to Thors. It is maybe just as spinny but is much slower as the Tenergy spring sponge does not seem to work to well (at least not as good as Palio Thors). Also think of the money - you can buy 2 sheets of Thors to every sheet of SpinArt !

I will have to submit a further review, after a few months, to make any observations on the longevity of the rubber.

All in all well done Palio – Great rubber !!!!
Review Mazarley said this on November 21, 2011:

This is my second review of this rubber.
In terms of durability the rubber appears to have good longevity although the topsheet does lose it's shine fairly rapidly giving a more grippy typical chinese rubber. Spin improves, but leads a decrease in speed of the rubber when playing over the table (not so significant at mid distance when the sponge kicks in).
Everything in my previous review still stands, however I have found one failing which at first is a little annoying. When blocking a spinny slow loop with no pace, the rubber makes a strange noise and the ball just drops straight down off the bat on to the table. Hmmmm. Ok the way around this is not to be passive and just let the ball hit your bat as you would in a normal block, but to play a forward stroke, no matter how small this stroke is, and the topsheet once again grips the ball and all is OK again. First couple of times this happened to me in a game I just stared at my bat in disbelief.
People have rated this rubber with a medium throw arc, this is most certainly not the case when compared with European rubbers. As with all Chinese rubbers the throw angle is low and very direct and this describes Palio Thors.
So how do I rate this rubber once you get used to it- It's cheep and seriously, seriously good !!!!!
Review fluturas101 said this on December 31, 2011:

One of the best rubbers I have tried. Works equally well on the BH and FH.

I agree with Mazarley that it feels very much like SpinArt.

It only has one minor drawback. If you remove the rubber from the blade the sponge tends to break, so better not do it. Before realizing the danger, two of mine did this, one beyond recovery. The last one I got doesn't seem to have this problem.
Review Anonymous said this on January 6, 2012:

I am in agreement with most of the content put forward in the above reviews. However, there are a couple of points I would like put forward for thought.
I have and am still trialing omega iv pro and europe, Hammond beta pro, red diamond, and shortly Tibhar Aurus Sound against this rubber.
I have to tell you I hate playing against the bloody stuff.
Let me explain. I am training some new players and got this for them as an all around playing rubber. These guys can't generate the loops and spins we are used to so there game is slow lacking spin and very blocky if you get my drift.
Palio Thors will take all the spin and most of the arc of a ball and cause the opponent's ball to either drop into the net or overshoot the table at their pace.
The only way to counter act it is to hit with heavy sidespin 15 to 35 degrease from the bottom arcing out.
When you loop against this monster they hold their racket loosely and it semi engages the sponge and bangs your spin right back at you.
I tried this against some fair to middling players and knocked them over so easily with Palio Thors. What they had to say about it wasn't nice or repeatable.
In short, I believe this annoying rediculously put together hybrid piece of technology is going to revolutionise this game. I would rather play with it then against it. It in no way responds to the way you expect it to.
I have to seriously change my tactics and smashes against it, especially the angle of my loops and counter loops. It distorts your game dramatically.
You cannot just watch the ball anymore in relation to the stroke action you have to concentrate on the power and restraint used in shots.
When I play grade I usually try to scope out what the opposing players are using. This stuff makes a mediocre player look good. I will definitely more vigilant.
Though I have a bag of expensive rubbers I must admit I am soooo, drawn to this "THING".
From mid distance it is a table tennis killing machine but you have to engage the sponge or suffer the consequences. That is it's quirk and it's secret. Sidespins and hook shots are deadly. Sorry folks I am one verry frustrated table tennis player.
Those going with are probably in a better place than me. I still have to come to terms with.
Review Anonymous said this on February 3, 2012:

This rubber works well on the Yinhe W6. Do not use this rubber on a T6 or other hard blade because the sponge seems to sporadically "bottom out".
I have 2 red rubbers and 1 black. The black is noticeably tackier than the 2 red. The 2 red rubbers have the same amount of tack.
If you are interested in trying this rubber, get it in black because it plays much better than red in all aspects of the game. Black has more spin, higher throw, more control and more speed because the control gives you confidence to swing harder. Its a great rubber on the right blade.
Review Jason said this on March 27, 2012:

I've been using Palio Thors since May 2011 and have it on both FH and BH on my Yinhe W6.
Spin: Spin is fantastic, able to generate good spin on serves and strokes.
Throw: The throw is pretty low, your stroke will end up being a bit more upwards with this rubber.
Control: Excellent control, the response is consistent and I can usually place balls wherever I want them.
Blocking: This is not a good rubber to passively block with. Most of the time you will have to put something into your block to get the ball back over the net.

Longevity - I've been through about 3 sets of these rubbers. They play great for about 3-4 months. Month 5-6 the rubber starts becoming more dead and spin generation drops off. This is with weekly playing, around 10 hours a week - most of it training.

DO NOT SPEED GLUE THIS RUBBER - I tried speed gluing my Thors after they were very old. The top sheet became very soft and the rubber as a whole became very fast. What ended up happening was that the rubber became inconsistent and fast - nearly impossible for me to control.

I suggest replacing Thors every 3-4 months. At $30/sheet, this isn't too much of an investment.
Review msilhanek said this on April 5, 2012:

Amazing tacky rubber! My first impression was "hmm, another rock-hard chinese tacky slow rubber". It is really tacky (can grab a ball very high even after 2 weeks), what means it isn't a bouncy rubber at all. But I was so surprised when I started playing. It's speed is very good, it doesn't feel like a tacky rubber at all. It's sponge is very hard but the top sheet is very elastic/soft, what makes the whole feeling medium. It has medium throw, good controll and great spin. The amount of spin is really awesome. I love this rubber and I recommend it to everyone who plays with DHS Neo rubbers (at least for a try).

EDIT: Best in close to the table looping. Mid distance looping is slightly worse but if you put Thors on an OFF+ blade, this problem can be solved easily. It is great in the short game as well (it's tack helps). I say it again - give it a try if you use DHS Neo rubbers.
Review leinad said this on June 24, 2012:

Superb rubber. Very easy defense against hard loop. Just need to put the blade where the ball coming at with loose hand, take it off the bounce. Against ball with no pace just make bit harder sudden stroke (downwards if push, forward for block) This rubber makes me neglected my other setup. Loop kill is killer on perfect stoke. Smashing slow spinny loop like a charm.
Review greg said this on July 4, 2012:

Thor is very picky on it's user, blade, and stroke. I agree with almost everything nicefrog said in his long article. Blade must be slow and stiff. Stroke must be drastically changed to fit thor, the diagram that Nicefrog made is very helpful (ball must be contacted a little lower on the rubber to stretch the topsheet and work the sponge). Caution: by using this late stroke/contact, you will recover slower. A rubber that makes you slower..hmm.. Counterlooping/looping rallies are a nightmare! So who will like this rubber? Low level players. Or a player that only plays weaker/passive players, a la Nicefrog. Thor works well when your opponent gives you a weak/passive ball. If you're playing someone close to your level giving you speed and spin, thor is very bad. Again, because of time loss in the swing and counterlooping issues/"mebd." Thor is too picky, demanding, and does not offer high level play qualities. I don't recommend thor for beginners either/under 1500, because it's too volatile to learn with and will really mess up your swing. Overall, not a bad attempt, but no cigar.
Review Hozze said this on November 2, 2012:

I've tried a bunch of rubbers over the last month to find something that works on the FH on my new blade. Really like this rubber. Good speed, excellent spin, and unlike some other reviewers I had no issues with control. I can see how the feel can be off-putting to some at first, the sponge is indeed very hard and the top sheet quite soft. I quickly adapted to it though and after a couple of sessions I grew to like it. It worked best in the loop-based attacking game, but I had no real issues with it in the short game either.

In the end it couldn't quite beat out the Haifu BWII RS National, but I did prefer it over the DHS Neo Skyline 2 and 3 and the KTL Golden Star that I also tried.

Opinions really seem to vary on this rubber, I am in the category of people that it really works for, and if you like tacky rubbers I do think it's worth trying it to see if it does for you as well.
Review gyman75 said this on December 26, 2012:

I don't understand how lots of people review it so damn good. for me it is a waste of money. those who love this rubber should try sword king rubber..far better from this ruber at any aspects..
Review sebas_aguirre said this on January 6, 2013:

I posted a review on this rubber here:

Review Bchan said this on April 15, 2013:

Don't believe the hype on this rubber. I'm a 2000 usatt two wing looper and come from using Spin Art and Tenergy 05/64/25. With these rubbers, I feel like I'm a pimp. With Palio Thors, I'm a scared little girl on the court.
Yes, it's fast and spinny. However, the control is horrible!!! Why you ask? The topsheet is thick soft jello and the sponge is rock hard. They don't mix well together. You need to hit the ball perfectly everytime to engage both the sponge and topsheet in just the right amount. If you don't do this, the ball dies. Too much sponge or too little sponge, the ball dies. Too much topsheet or too little topsheet, the ball dies. Perhaps, if Thors's topsheet was a little thinner or harder or if the sponge was softer.. As is, it's an unusable rubber.
I can't believe people are comparing it to Tenergy and Spin Art. Not even kissing Tenergy's or Spin Art's feet. Or even kissing Tenergy's dog's feet. Or even kissing Spin Art's long lost cousin's dog's feet.
I've read many Thors reviews and played against opponents using Thors. All of them have thrown it away. Only a few low level players are using it, probably because it has a cool name. Even the die hard thors ravers have gone into hiding.
The one and only thing Thors does well is the loop kill. While Tenergy and Spin Art can do almost everything. Palio Thors=One Trick Pony
I would rather use H3 neo than Thors, and it's about half the price as Thors. Which is why, I give this rubber a 3/10

I put thors on a very stiff blade, and was surprised! (ishlion + thors)
Not bad! BH/FH: good opening control. Rallies and counterlooping are much better with ishlion, but still lacking control and speed. If you don't know what to do with a very stiff blade, thors may be the answer. Also, durability is not good. I ripped the sheet after the first removal, and totally destroyed the sheet after the second removal.
Review Sebu said this on October 2, 2013:

I gave it speed rating of 8, because you have to hit pretty hard to bring out the top speed, which is very fast. Soft and tacky tensioned top sheet gives insane spin when brushing. Best forehand rubber I've played with, but not the easiest to use. With good technique this is a monster.
Review lineup32 said this on November 9, 2013:

" If you remove the rubber from the blade the sponge tends to break, so better not do it."

Same thing happened to me!
Review gwirthsipp said this on August 8, 2014:

Fantastic rubber. Prefer to play it on a Def-wood. Then it's very controlable and powerful enough for offence game. Created big progress for my game.


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