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Stiga Neos Tacky

Stiga Neos Tacky ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 37 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 27 times)

There are 2 users using the Stiga Neos Tacky.
From community:
Speed   7.6
Spin   9.1
Control   9.1
Tackiness   7.4 - Tacky
Throw Angle   6.2 - Medium-high
Weight   2.4 - Light
Sponge Hardness   4.3 - Medium
Gears   7.1 - Above average gears
Durability   6.3 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.1
Overall   9.1 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 0.0 / 0
Spin 0.0 / 0
Control 0.0 / 0
Tensor   No

Description of Stiga Neos Tacky

STIGA breaks the top rubber sheet barrier with new Mega Tension technology. STIGA's Air-Capsule System (ACS) has become a huge success all over the world, with five extremely popular rubber sheets: Magna, Innova Premium, Innova, Innova Ultra Light and Radical. In all these rubber sheets the ACS technology is applied to the sponge and allows for very high speed to be combined with maximum springiness/elasticity in an ultra light rubber with outstanding control. Now STIGA's R&D department has been able to apply the Air-Capsule System to the top sheet. This new cutting edge rubber technology further increases the advantages of the Air-Capsule System, creating an even more responsive rubber sheet with more tension. The results of this new technology - Mega Tension - have so far been amazing! With Mega Tension the "molecule-walls" are thinner than ordinary top sheets. This feat creates more tension without increasing the weight of the rubber, causing quicker rubber recovery. STIGA is proud to introduce NEOS rubber sheets with Mega Tension technology in combination with ACS sponge. NEOS TACKY - Offensive tacky spin. Approximately 10% lighter than a regular rubber sheet.

Reviews of the Stiga Neos Tacky

Review Gossima1880 said this on January 4, 2010:

Excellent Defensive rubber. I'm playing this sport qith him for 2 long years and his perfomance was the same !!
Review Michal said this on February 5, 2010:

I really like this rubber. It makes defensive play easy and allows you to start controlled counter attacks. I've rated the speed as 6 as it seems fairly average - but I am using 1.8mm sponge so maybe I would have rated the speed higher with a thicker sponge.

My only grumble is that it is very soft and although the playing surface seems to remain in good shape, the part of the rubber where your finger/thumb lies (particularly on backhand) perishes very quickly so it could prove quite expensive for anyone who plays alot.
Review tackiness drive said this on November 22, 2010:

Very defensive rubber and make also good counterattacks!
Review Rhonis said this on January 23, 2012:

Playing for a year now with NEOS Tacky. This rubber is perfect for a slow attacker. Brings serieus good controll and makes blocking easy. The rubber could be a bit more spinny and fast on the attacking plays but overall this is a great rubber.
Review Anonymous said this on February 4, 2012:

Really grippy rubber makes for loaded spin when good contact on loop. Ideal backhand rubber for blockers who like to counter with top spin. Bit slow for out and out forehand offence.
Review Claf1109 said this on May 2, 2013:

Excellent rubber for a controlled backhand. You can do everything with it, but you need to put a lot of energy in topspins, which makes it quite difficult to attack on underspin balls.

The blocking is phenomenal, you almost don't feel the spin of the opponent, and you can place the ball exactly where you want and at the speed you want
Review al1 said this on April 25, 2014:

This is good rubber for me. I use it with quite hard woods so I can generate speed by hitting hard. I did not select it for defensive purposes but for developing my topspinning speed.

This rubber weights about the same as LKT Pro XT, but has significantly higher throw angle and much better spin.

The spin has got much worse during storing at home (not playing) couple of months -> not very durable.
Review Amerikanuddin said this on January 2, 2015:

I use this rubber on my BH, it has a good heavy spin and also sensitive to spin when you receive the ball from opponent. the only drawback I found is the durability of the rubber.


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