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Tibhar 1Q

Tibhar 1Q ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 59 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 23 times)

There are 2 users using the Tibhar 1Q.
From community:
Speed   8.8
Spin   8.3
Control   7.8
Tackiness   3.3 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   5.9 - Medium-high
Weight   5.4 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   6.8 - Medium-hard
Gears   7.6 - Many gears
Durability   7.2 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   8.3
Overall   9.0 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 115.0 /
Spin 105.0 /
Control 65.0 /
Tensor   No

Description of Tibhar 1Q

From your first shot you will notice the difference. Thanks to the SPI Technology Optimization, Tibhar have produced a rubber combining the biggest speed glue effect of their entire rubber range. THE fastest, most dynamic rubber with high arc - the robust rubber surface enables an explosive game rich in spin. The basic principle of the OPTRA technology (Optimized Trajectory Optimized ball curve) was also improved giving a real boost to your game, and giving your opponent a hard time controlling and returning your shots. 1Q - at the edge of your potential without exceeding your limits.


mamfadel  on 1/19/2012

I,ve used all of the Tenergy and a wide spectrum of offensive rubbers, like Hexer, Sigma pro, S1 Turbo..., all of them are fantastic rubbers. The 1Q is for the time being my best VH rubber, showing so many goog qualities in many aspects of the offensive game. I,m using it on a ALC innerforce blade with Razka soft on my BH. ( a deadly combination) for an aggresive athlet. must try!!
Frogger  3 months ago

This rubber comes in a very fancy package that gives the player a clue as to it's quality. Very Fast rubber that has a direct linear feel. Great spin and speed, close to T64 as a reference. To fast for beginners. Touch for short game and service return. Pair it with BTY ALC blades and you will have an advanced racket. Medium throw, best for FH. A winner from Tibhar.
xTheNochx  on 4/6/2014

Best FH rubber I ever had it is amazing the speed and spin is fabulous. Very good for serving to.Best rubber I played with
koko  on 2/4/2014

74g uncut. 50g when i put on my blade .heavy rubber ,but with alot of speed.the spin produce from 1q is not the best. good control .if you have good skill and need speed. 1q is your rubber
jbgwtf  on 6/8/2013

i use 1.9 on backhand its fast , controlable, it easy to loop... i like it more than tenergy 05 upd... on diferent blades characteristics change ... on donic wsuc 1q dont have consistency , its slower , and become realy strange for playing..


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