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Xiom Omega IV Europe

Xiom Omega IV Europe ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 50 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 31 times)

There are 20 users using the Xiom Omega IV Europe.
From community:
Speed   9.2
Spin   9.3
Control   8.9
Tackiness   2.6 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   5.4 - Medium
Weight   4.5 - Average
Sponge Hardness   5.4 - Medium
Gears   8.7 - Many gears
Durability   7.3 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.2
Overall   9.3 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 80.0 /
Spin 100.0 /
Tensor   No

Description of Xiom Omega IV Europe

For technical style pros keen on balanced aggression.

Deeper and longer ball dragging at the surface.

Extra power spins from high-density carbo sponge.

Newly integrated dynamics and perfect hardness for reliable control. Hyper Elasto technology rubber upgraded by new chemical composition and new Carbo Sponge. Solid ball-capturing at the surface and perfectly matching sponge hardness promote extra spins and control at ball contact. OMEGA IV EUROPE produces significantly higher ball trajectory to make bigger window over the net. OMEGA IV EUROPE stretches the ball from opponent's court aggressively as if launched from speed-glued rubber. Clicking sensation at the ball contact also reflects the maximized built-in tension simulating full speed-glue effect.


man_iii  on 6/11/2014

Extremely lightweight rubber ... one of the lightest ! I am using for FH Black max on Balsa blade for 6 months. Excellent speed , spin and control from close to the table or mid or farther away. Great for top-spin loop, flat smash and block push players. Due to the lower throw-angle more effort for flipping required. Always combining medium-soft , medium-hard blade with soft rubbers is recommended. This rubber is probably not going to work on extremely fast / hard stiff blades. Take good care to not bang on edge or side of table, rubber is very soft and prone to breaking. You can getaway with grazing which is a testament to this rubber's durability. Accurate a fault, lower bounce at opponent side. Perfect weapon!
Aryan  on 2/16/2014

A very controlled rubber, quite insensitive to incoming spin. Helped me improve my blocks and return of spin-loaded serves. Has good spin of its own which helps with the serves and topspins/loops. However. a little on the slower side compared to the tenergys and x1 turbo platin. Overall, a good rubber for backhand.
cartagena  on 8/29/2014

excellent rubber spin and speed adequate,control perfec
Xiom101  on 5/16/2014

I love this rubber. I use it on my forehand and the ball always hits of perfectly. It works great for whatever your doing.
EricTian  on 10/16/2013

Amazing rubber! The control on this is phenomenal! Drives are very fast, loops are very spinny, blocks are ridiculously easy. This rubber does everything; very hard to dislike. Recommended to everyone.


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