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Xiom Omega IV Pro

Xiom Omega IV Pro ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 69 times)

There are 26 users using the Xiom Omega IV Pro.
From community:
Speed   9.4
Spin   9.3
Control   8.8
Tackiness   2.6 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   4.9 - Medium
Weight   5.5 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   6.7 - Medium-hard
Gears   8.8 - Many gears
Durability   8.5 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.2
Overall   9.4 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 138.0 /
Spin 120.0 /
Control 83.0 /
Tensor   No

Description of Xiom Omega IV Pro

- Extra playing properties by new carbo sponge and top layer
- Additional clicking feel for sharper control
- Extra spin with new chemical composition

Historical evolution towards full "speed-glue" aggression. Based on Hyper Elasto technology the new top sheet matched with upgraded Carbo Sponge offers extra-ordinary playing properties. Feel at the ball contact fully assimilate the clicking sensation generated by speed glues. New chemical composition and additional built-in tension make the ball more spinning and its trajectory significantly higher. OMEGA IV PRO stretches the ball from opponent's court very fiercely after the bounce as if launched from speed-glued rubber.


leoin7  10 months ago

This is a very fast rubber which can produce heavy spin when needed. The greatest strength of this rubber is that it can produce consistently powerful topsins with a strong forehand stroke, however the forehand stroke is best when combined with a powerful turning motion of the body. This makes a very good forehand rubber and lasts very long so no need to replace it for many months. I have had a sheet for six months and train for tournaments about 10 hours a week and the sheet still plays like new
OlleOst  on 11/24/2014

Very nice rubber. Lacks some spin but all other attributes is Humble Pie.
frosthakimi  on 11/24/2014

hard to control. Awesome spin
Magnus  on 10/31/2014

You can put this rubber on your FH or BH. An "easy to use" rubber, but to achieve the full potentials of this rubber, you need to have a good swing stroke. It has good control, dynamic linearity & lenient for all type of players. To create a decent heavy loop or top spin, ball should deep enough on the top sheet & penetrate adequately to interact with its black carbo sponge. In short, proper dwell of the ball on this rubber should be accomplished for you to create a pretty good spin. Perfect for stiff hard blades.
Loop_in_key_of_Bb  on 6/20/2014

I am around 1500 rating and use this rubber in 2.0 on FH on a Xiom Aria blade (5-ply wood). Coming from Vega Pro, Omega IV Pro has a noticeably harder sponge and faster speed. When flat hitting, you get a satisfying crack of the sponge and when looping a nice click. Flat hits, smashes and blocks: This rubber performs really well here. Blocks borrow all of the speed and spin of opponent's shot, and propel the ball back on the table. Smashes and drives are fun and satisfying. Push: The fast speed and hard sponge make service return harder to control, but the pushes are spinny and fast. After some adjustment I could drop them short over the net too. Requires a lot of finesse for the short game. Loop: Like Vega Pro, this rubber really grabs the ball and imparts tremendous spin. The sponge adds a lot more speed than Vega Pro. The result is lethal loops, but if you make sub-optimal contact you'll be punished. Update: This rubber is incredibly powerful, but just too fast for me to manage. I went back to Vega Pro and am much more confident now.


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