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Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark V ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 35 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 120 times)

There are 106 users using the Yasaka Mark V.
From community:
Speed   8.1
Spin   8.2
Control   8.6
Tackiness   2.9 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   4.3 - Medium
Weight   4.0 - Average
Sponge Hardness   4.5 - Medium
Gears   8.2 - Many gears
Durability   8.8 - Lasts a long time!
Consistency   9.5
Overall   8.8 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 90.0 / 100
Spin 90.0 / 100
Control 78.0 / 100
Tensor   No

Description of Yasaka Mark V

The Yasaka Mark V was one of the first rubbers blending natural and synthetic rubbers. It is more than 2 decades that this rubber has been a strong weapon in world class championship play with its dynamic speed and spin.


Frogger  3 weeks ago

Used by 0lympic champion Ma Lin. My vote for the finest rubber in the world. Mark V is not slow, it is fast with great spin. It excels at close to table play with great touch for the short game as well as looping, hitting and quick counters. The speed to control ratio is high. No rubber is more consistant from sheet to sheet. Not as fast or spinny as tensors but more controled speed. A great rubber for any player from beginner to pro depending on thickness. Update concerning spin. With Mark V used on blades with limba outer plys the spin is higher than expected. Play it with BTY M. Maze or Primorac and you have a spin machime. Loops have severe topspin. Those that think Mark V is to slow simply do not have the technique or arm speed to get the full potential. Having used most of the tensor rubbers including many Tenergy's I returned to Mark V with better consistency while still maintaining powerful loops and drives. The perfect inverted rubber. Update. I am an intermediate level player and have used everything in the book from very expensive composition blades to all 4 types of Tenergy's. Want more balls on the table with great control/speed/spin? Get yourself an ALL+ class blade and 2 sheets of Mark V max or 2.0, 3 layers of glue and you will have a racket from the gods. You know your not going to the Olympics so take my advice. Mark V is the absolute best classic rubber in the world.
originalsamson  7 months ago

i love this rubber. very consistent. for every person that i know thats getting into the sport, i always recommend the mark v. it is also good for an experienced player that wants a long lasting and very controllable rubber. bottom line, best rubber for all around.
kaivalya  2 weeks ago

I simply love this rubber.Since I have bought this rubber my no shot has landed in net or outside.Though not very fast speed is good.It's price is very much reasonable.I use it on BH.It's control is absolutely amazing.The spin is also good.Most of the time I am able to deceive the opponent with my services.I would totally recommend it for back hand.my blade is joola falcon fast
srikrishna  3 weeks ago

I just love this rubber!! I use it on my BH on a stiga allround blade and it really good for blocking , backspins and for opening up on serves and serve returns. It is a very long lasting rubber too and is perfectly suitable for me. Keep going Yasaka
DigitalGrounder  5 months ago

Physical Properties I got my sheet of Mk V in red. When you first get the rubber, the rubber is slightly tacky. The sponge wasn't super hard, but it wasn't super soft either. The sponge hardness was about in between. A medium-hard sponge. The rubber topsheet was super soft. The pips that are attatched to the sponge are visible if you were to look through the top of the topsheet of the rubber, so that looks cool. Speed Since the sponge was medium-hard, the yasaka mk V has some good amount of speed. It's not super fast compared to some of the tenergy line of rubber. It's speed is still pretty good. Spin Whenever you loop or topspin with the yasaka mk V, it produces a good amount of spin with good depth that goes over the net withh a nice arc. Spin is good, its not as good as some chinese rubbers, but the spin is pretty mediocre for todays style of play. Control The overall control of this rubber is defiinately where the rubber shines. Whatever you want to do with this rubber, it'll do it. You want to loop, it'll loop. You wanna topspin, it'll topspin. Literally everything that you can think of doing with this rubber, it'll do it with ease. Control is excellent with this rubber. Looping Loops with this rubber are okay, it produces a decent amount of spin. I don't think that this rubber is the type of style you should be looping with. Theres better rubbers out there you can loop with. Flicks/Flips This is one of the best features about this rubber, flipping bottom spin to topspin is almost effortless. Flicks are nice a fast. Conclusion Overall this rubber is retailed for 38-40 USD, and it is a great rubber. But its just doesn't meet the expectations some players need today for their styles of play. If you're a begginner I reccomend this rubber to get down you're stroke mechanics, and technique. Since this rubber isn't great for looping i reccomend you put this rubber on a stiff blade. But again great rubber, but you can get better equipment for cheaper prices.


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