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Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark V ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 35 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 118 times)

There are 101 users using the Yasaka Mark V.
From community:
Speed   8.1
Spin   8.2
Control   8.6
Tackiness   2.9 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   4.3 - Medium
Weight   4.0 - Average
Sponge Hardness   4.5 - Medium
Gears   8.2 - Many gears
Durability   8.8 - Lasts a long time!
Consistency   9.5
Overall   8.8 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 90.0 / 100
Spin 90.0 / 100
Control 78.0 / 100
Tensor   No

Description of Yasaka Mark V

The Yasaka Mark V was one of the first rubbers blending natural and synthetic rubbers. It is more than 2 decades that this rubber has been a strong weapon in world class championship play with its dynamic speed and spin.

Reviews of the Yasaka Mark V

Review gatisubbu said this on April 1, 2008:

Very good rubber for pros & semi pros. Not at all suitable for beginners. Classic Japanese finish. When glued to carbon gives a good metallic sound. Its a all round rubber for loop, smash, chop, near to table or mid distance loop games. One of the best rubbers I played
Review TTPlayer said this on April 27, 2008:

Not much needs to be said about this classic from over 20 years ago. This is a fine do-it-all rubber, loops, counter drives, chops and serves well; could be a tad soft for smashing. Long dwell time and muffled contact sound at all speeds characterize this rubber. The rubber seems to go best with harder blades (Off), and has good linear response.
Review skyline said this on May 2, 2008:

This rubber is a true classic. It's similar to sriver but the topsheet is slightly spinnier and more elastic and the sponge is harder. Overall this rubber feels softer than sriver because it has a butter soft topsheet.
Review hafawaz said this on May 8, 2008:

I tried this rubber in the '80s and it was awesome. I tried it a few months ago and it was still awesome. This rubber can do it all - it's a little faster and spinnier than it's Butterfly Counterpart - Sriver. Definitely a top notch choice for any style of controlled or offensive play. This rubber will withstand the test of time.
Review jeff_attc said this on December 9, 2008:

Has a soft topsheet on top of a medium sponge. Similar to Sriver except is spinner and faster.
Review wind_comm said this on December 9, 2008:

does anything more need to be said? it's one of the two most successful rubbers ever (along with the Sriver). let me put this quite simply: my coach had the same rubber from the early 80s until he dropped a table on it (long story) in 2003. hasn't changed since it started and it's still the benchmark for all offensive rubbers.
Review JonathanJ said this on March 4, 2009:

This is one of my favorite rubbers of all time. I can see why this rubber is one of the best-selling rubbers ever along with Butterfly Sriver. Not particularly fast and not particularly spinny, one might wonder why so many people really like Yasaka Mark V. After using it of a while on two different blades, Yasaka Gatien Extra and Butterfly Boll TriCarbon, for both forehand and backhand each time, I am convinced that the Mark V is an extremely forgiving rubber with outstanding control, a perfect weapon for the Allround Attacker. By "forgiving" I mean that this rubber is slow enough for very consistent return on all of your opponent's spin and power shots. It works best with a hard OFF+ or carbon blade; I have found that any loss in control by the blade is compensated for by the outstanding control of Mark V and also that the offensive quality of the blade can take the rubber up a notch in terms of play. Great for both offense and defense, Mark V made me feel so at ease while at play, there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO hesitation before any loop, smash, chop, block, counterdrive or simple topspin return even with a super fast blade like the Butterfly Boll TriCarbon. Like I said, Mark V is not really all that fast or spinny; its beauty lies in its control. But don't take it from me, this rubber has been tested by both hundreds and hundreds of players and time. Don't just read my review but the reviews of the hundreds of other people, and I'm confident enough to say that they will agree: Yasaka Mark V is a top quality, top class rubber.

UPDATED REVIEW: After playing with it for a while, I have new and good things to say about Mark V. This rubber can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. Like I said before, it is not particularly awesome at a specific kind of shot, but the good control makes it so that chop is just as easy as loop is just as easy as block and counterdrive. I think this rubber is top notch and is really at a very inexpensive price (relatively). Everyone should try this rubber especially for new players. But it also works amazingly in the hands of an experienced player. It's great that this rubber comes only second to Butterfly Sriver in popularity according to most review sites, but I cannot imagine why it shouldn't be first. This is now my FAVORITE rubber yet :)
Review sachitgul said this on March 22, 2009:

The Greatest Rubber of all time.
Great speed,spin and awesome control...
Use it without glue on my Tube Carbo Blade...

Loops,servers,drivers,kills,pushes are awesome...

Recommended For Serious Beginners and also Established Players...
Review Anonymous said this on August 4, 2009:

my substitution for butterfly sriver. cheaper than sriver. it feels pretty much the same as sriver to me. speed, spin, feel = to sriver. if speed glue isn't banned, this rubber will be amazing with speed glue.
Review Matt said this on August 8, 2009:

This rubber is fantastic for all round or conservative offensive play. I found that it's also fantastic for playing defense. It has great gears and control. But, it isn't for the player who is all out offense or is a heavy looper.
Review Butch said this on August 25, 2009:

Along with BTY Sriver Mark V is a world best seller. Great for pushing, looping,serves, and service return. Mark V has a different feel than Sriver. The throw angle is higher and has better spin than Sriver. Mark V loses a bit of control in counter looping or hitting away from the table compared with Sriver A great classic rubber from Yasaka. Fast, for close to table play.
Review arjaav said this on December 1, 2009:

This rubber provides very good spin and is very durable.
Review Anonymous said this on January 14, 2010:

I had sriver on one side and mark v on the other gotta say i like sriver a tad better cause i like f/h or b/h mark v i only like f/h
Review Anonymous said this on February 12, 2010:

i had this rubber on my butterfly primorac carbon played f/h carbo and yasaka mark v b/h...yasaka feels good and has good control...
Review leftythesaint said this on February 16, 2010:

Does what it says. You can do pretty much anything well with this rubber, but nothing stands out as being outstanding. Great for beginners as it is a good barometer for your skill set. You can always upgrade to more spin, speed, pips, etc. but Mark V is a good place to start. Also seems like it will last forever!
Review The_Coach said this on February 25, 2010:

Mark V is an excellent rubber for the attacking player who wants speed and spin. In thinner sponges - 1.5mm or less, it will work well for defensive players who likes to counterattack with power and spin. I started to play with it in the late seventies and it's still a great rubber. A true classic.
Review Anonymous said this on March 14, 2010:

I am a 1834 rated player. Was using Sriver EL and G2FX on VSG blade. Tried this Mark V (2.0) on Gatien extra blade. Great control. Speed and spin has not been compromised at my level. Very good for me.
Review Yogesh said this on March 15, 2010:

So far used Sriver Fx, Sriver EL and Mark V on my Jonyer-H blade. Mark V is the best among all these, great speed, great spin and control overall best all round rubber. The most important thing is I play where there is always huge amount of dust, and Mark V is idea for such conditions, its durability is awsome. both the Srivers are almost dead but Mark V is still playing TRUE.
Review HaplessHero said this on July 10, 2010:

Such a great rubber for all the right reasons. It excels at nothing but it can do anything. People have said it better than I can.

What I love about this rubber is it's ability to temper a "fast" or "offensive" blade to something much more controllable without sacrifice.
Review slamdally said this on August 1, 2010:

this rubber can do it all
Review manvswild9 said this on October 3, 2010:

Very nice for spin and control. The rubber is quite tacky allowing it for a better control and spin.
Lasts very long and gives the same feel and response until the rubber is completely worn out. Extremely versatile rubber. And very durable.
Review Anonymous said this on October 8, 2010:

Not very fast but having good spin. Control is just up to the combination. It is a good idea to use Mark V with a carbon blade, it should balances the speed of the blade and the spin of the rubber. When playing it, you can all most feel the fraction through the surface of the rubber.
Review shaft69 said this on October 31, 2010:

use to use mkv when i wse to play for uk back in mid 80's just sarted playing again using mkv with donic blade, think sponge is too think as i find it too slow. Control and spin are great though. Think i'm only using 1.5mm so need to change to atleast 2-2.2mm.
Review Anonymous said this on November 13, 2010:

good rubbers, but only for offensive playstyles, when defending, it's not that good...
lasts about 6 months when playing 3 times a week.
Review Anonymous said this on December 28, 2010:

i used this rubber for a month and what i could said that this rubber is fantastic! the offensive is very good and even though the defensive play is still average, i could chop behind the table very good with it
Review Rahul said this on January 9, 2011:

i use black mark V and joola express 1
its a awesome combination
with blade-donic waldner perrson exclusive
Review KingPong23 said this on February 18, 2011:

Started playing with this rubber since joining a league 5 yrs ago and it has helped me improve my game by a lot...do not have much to compare this rubber to yet but i would definately suggest it to anyone...i have a new paddle with different rubbers on the way in the mail (only cuz i want to branch out and try something new) I have an allround /offensive style game and it suits me well
Review Anonymous said this on February 25, 2011:

This rubber is outstanding! I used a 2.2 mm Mark 5 this is very good . This not for beginners this monster is for semi-pros or higher I like this and I think this is one the best classical rubbers out there!
Review Parth Mehta said this on April 2, 2011:

I have used Yasaka MarkV on a Joneyr H-AN Blade it performs very good in both speed and spin.
I haven't been using it from a long time but it has taken a 1 1/2 year.
Its the best rubber and the blade Ive ever used
Review Anonymous said this on April 30, 2011:

I don't know why everyone gushes over this relic. I played with it years ago when it was the best around and loved it. I tried it again recently and was disappointed. By todays standards, it's decent but not exceptional. There are plenty of rubbers which outperform it at half the price. Gambler Wraith and Gambler Outlaw are two examples. Both are faster and can produce more spin and have the same level of control and touch. Both are less than half the price. Mark V had it's day, and that day is long gone. It should be priced right around $10.
Review Anonymous said this on May 28, 2011:

I tend to agree with Anonymous (April 30 2011). I found the YMV to be an unexciting rubber on a soft blade like mine (Stiga OC). It is merely OK. I stuck with it for a whole season because I had paid good money for it and because it didn't really mess up my (developing) backhand, but I thought I had been mislead by the excellent reviews here, which I now think are mostly echoes of past glory. The ratings for spin and speed should not be much higher than 6 by today's standards. Control is subjective. The rubber does nothing wrong but it doesn't really do much, that's why I think the price is too high for what is esentially a very unremarkable rubber.
Review Thien said this on May 30, 2011:

Easy to loop, block, chop. Serves are okay. Control during rally is good. Smashing and flips are decent as well. Speed is decent. Such a great all rounder. Easy to adapt to
Review Roberto said this on June 7, 2011:

I used the Mark V, 1.8mm when I started playing on my bh. Fine all round rubber, a little slow on my All round blade. Great control, good for close to the table play. Put the Mark V 2mm on my Off ++ bat and it has good control and speed.
Review Anonymous said this on June 27, 2011:

This is a classic, long lasting very consistent well balanced rubber. Initially I thought its too slow, but after a couple of weeks playing on my FH, found it very powerfull and much more consistent on smashes and powerdrives than modern rubbers with sell sponges
Review kellogz21 said this on August 2, 2011:

just got this rubber for my forehand and backhand and my push shots suddenly got faster.. great control as well aside from being faster than the DHS PF4 that i used to have
Review Andy said this on August 2, 2011:

I've recently been using my dad's old paddle with Mark V on both sides and after 16 years, it still plays great. Literally, the rubber has not been changed for 16 years. Good speed without being too fast. Pretty decent spin, but nothing crazy. I use it more as a driving rubber than a looping rubber. A surprising amount of control too.
Review vidush sighal said this on August 9, 2011:

A very standard and old rubber .best for all round attack play
Review Nilanjan said this on August 28, 2011:

This is a Classic that was born more than 20 years ago.

Used to be a "menace" to the opponent, specially, when combined with Sriver. A true Warrior!

So, what killed Mark V? In my opinion, it is the 40 mm ball that lost the speed and the spin, and rendered Mark V as an "average" rubber.

The rubber is still FANTASTIC, very forgiving (allows you to miss-time the ball, and it will still go right, to some extent), very spinny, very controllable, decently fast (when paired with carbon plies) and so so so so durable (I have played with a Mark V that is 10 years old, and cleaned after every game, and trust me, it retains the control, speed and spin till date).

A legend among rubbers, and a very very good rubber for any intermediate player. I still love it on my Donic Waldner Senso Carbon in the FH as it still gives me the comfort in topspin, side-spin, loop, push and drives!

A "do it all" kind of a rubber with decent speed, spin, control and fantastic durability!
Review Rahul Roy said this on September 18, 2011:

I use Phantom 009 with mark 5, I know its an odd combo, but its is working like anything. Mark 5,by no means is a non offensive ruber.
Review maze said this on October 13, 2011:

Good rubber.This rubber is used to get to know your blade when you play with it for the first time.I feel the Sriver series is somewhat better in performance.

This rubber is not meant for professionals.
Review mick said this on February 5, 2012:

Control with Mark V is exceptional and for an attacking all-rounder, like me, can generate lots of self-confidence. I'm top spinning off both wings much better and consistently than ever before, and much of this improvement can be put down to the quality of the rubber allied to better technique. The spin capabilities are not exceptional especially when serving but is usually enough for my(local league standard) ability. My game has benefitted a lot since I began using Mark V and I doubt if I will ever change my choice of rubber except for another of the MV range of rubber.
Review bacolod spin said this on February 13, 2012:

still simple to use but has many gears and easy to play. good control! one of the top ten rubbers of all time. not as expensive as others in its class
Review soper79 said this on March 7, 2012:

This was my 1st serious rubber on a shakehand I ever owned. I am amazed on the durability of this rubber. It still performs after years. If you want an all around rubber that does a little bit of everything and will last a long time, this is for you. Price is fairly competitive at $31. Particularly for the longevity. You will like this rubber.

But with several options in the $14 price range, (see zeropong), I think you can find something comparable cheaper.
Review Amilcar Y. said this on April 4, 2012:

Traditional c-penplayer. Use Mark Von Avalox BT777.It is an old reliable still excellent and very good value. usethis combo when I play against defensive players. Mark V is excellent against spin .
Review ilmiamin said this on April 22, 2012:

perfect combination for speed, spin & control. It will play as you want
Review zenil gosher said this on May 3, 2012:

Review arielsanchezmora said this on June 9, 2012:

simply one of the best - specially for learners. you learn about feel with this rubber - at some point this rubber makes you think about different shots and angles because you feel you can do them. it is great for training in offensive techniques -0 like everyone says, it has a great combination of speed, spin and control, but what i remember most is the feeling when serving and looping.

it is true that the 44mm world has advanced technology into the speed-glued-included and tensor rubbers, and made this rubber seem less exceptional; but if i could go in the past, i would give myself a mark V to start training :)
Review John0127 said this on June 27, 2012:

this is my first rubber and i am very happy with it. it was sorta hard when i first bought it. but after about 2 weeks it became soft. its an awesome beginner rubber cause it has very good control. it can make good spinny serves. it lacks speed though. you can train with it to develop your consistency. i sometimes feel uncomfortable when i do loops cause you have to make the ball dig in to the sponge for it to make lots of spin.

overall, its a beginner rubber but it can also be used by an experienced player due to its spin and control.

hope this helps :)))
Review TripleC said this on July 12, 2012:

A simple rubber will always remain as a legendsry rubber.
I have always wanted to try out Yasaka Mark V from a long time because people all around said that this was an extraordinary rubber.
I got my chance to finally use it on both sides of a racket from a friend of mine. The blade was light and custom made, but when I lay my hands on the racket itself, it had a magic touch. It commands its own spin, and it is best in generating sidespin. Loopings are perfect especially for the beginners who have used it. It was a smooth feeling when I made topspin/drives. This rubber is so extraordinary, it is the perfect all around rubber. It is a recommended rubber for all types of players who want to generate spins all the time.
Review slashattack said this on August 9, 2012:

A decent rubber, but overpriced. Don't spend $40 on this all around rubber when you can spend $10 on brands like 729 which offer better performance for a quarter of the cost.
Review carlogabrielsimbajon said this on September 3, 2012:

I just recently introduced this to my 9 year old nephew. He's used to 729 rubbers on his Galaxy Cn Carbon.

I immediately noticed a difference --- his topspins have become more consistent. He can also do sidespins more easily.

In my earlier years, I was more of a fan of Butterfly's Tackiness. Never really became a Mark V user for some reason. But, now I'm happy to see that it works for my nephew.

Now, he wants Mark V for his backhand, too. He'll be playing for his first ever local tournament in a few weeks time. He will have some time to get used to this great rubber.
Review epicjose said this on September 4, 2012:

Awesome rubber. Medium- low ish throw angle, Medium hardness. Can be used for any style, though i use it for countering on both forehand and backhand. i recommend you put this on a hard blade if you play speed over spin.
Review JesseLabadlabad said this on October 2, 2012:

This is the UNIVERSAL rubber, it's for the beginner and advanced player. Every SHOT aimed for perfection.
Review sebas_aguirre said this on January 6, 2013:

I posted a review on this rubber here:

Review BlackQueen said this on February 2, 2013:

Played with Mark V only using speed glue, and this rubber can do it all. Not sure why its rated here so low, it has plany of gears, fast when you need it, and accurate on the touch shots, always predictable with no issues to control it. Excellent allround rubber, which can be matched with any blades. And if you put to the mix different sponge thickness it can be used by any playing styles.
Review Obi said this on March 11, 2013:

When you feel you're not beginner any more, it is time to buy Mark V. When you start to feel like a competitive player it is time to say goodbye to Mark V. Everything in between is Mark V domain :-) This rubber will teach you how to play. It has great control, satisfactory spin and speed. It can do all the shots pretty good. At the same time it does not excel at anything. Unfortunately price is too much for such an old rubber. You can buy similar Chinese rubber for 3 or 4 times less money.
Pozdrav svima koji ovo razumiju :-)
Review tommye said this on April 14, 2013:

im a beginner with good mechanics, this rubber has picked me and my game up, learning to loop, chop, push, block, and serve with this rubber is so rewarding because when i do it right the ball is not returned with lower level players (1200 and below) now here is the other side when playing higher level players the speed is not fast enough from my hits to keep them from returning the ball unless they give me an EGG to kill, this soft rubber is giving me a little trouble with low energy balls im useing 1.5 and now im moving to 2.0 will report back after a month or 2 of use
Review vangeodee said this on June 10, 2013:

Fast, spinny and very controllable. There's nothing more to say about the Mark V. Topspins stay true and low and are packed with plenty of spin and can be placed anywhere on the table.
Review Gani_Agung said this on July 11, 2013:

This is my 1st rubber at the 1st time ,I learn table tennis,,and now I use Tenergy 05 ,IMO ,this rubber is similiar to Tenergy 05 if using speed glue,, it has a ballance speed and spin,,,
Review Singapow said this on October 24, 2013:

this rubber is simply perfect,it is slower than chinese tensors i tried,but the feeling is way better!
Review vietma said this on October 31, 2013:

I put Mark V 1.8 mm for my forehand on my Andro Super Core Cell Carbon OFF blade. I've got to say it's really awesome rubber. My blade is quite fast and Mark V rubber is slow and control so this combination is so great for me. I am playing in competition and this new setup has helped me to win more easily. Before Mark V, I got Andro Hexer HD 2.1 mm on my forehand and this setup is super fast for me. I could not control the ball well when doing forehand loop. However when I replaced Hexer HD with Mark V for my forehand, I have better control for my forehand loop and even smash. I really enjoy Mark V for my forehand. I am still having Hexer HD 1.9 mm for my backhand and I am thinking to replace it with Butterfly Sriver EL for my backhand in order to have more control.
Review Adam said this on December 2, 2013:

Going to be pairing this rubber on the FH of my Darker Hinoki DF blade soon. Based upon some of other player's more informed reviews, I am eager to see if the all around nature of this choice will allow my FH to be as versatile as I want it to be.
Review jhongpong said this on March 30, 2014:

Best Backhand for me, Red good for Backhand def type but its only good for backhand i think because its slow rubber, not suitable in forehand xD
Review Ph4ntom said this on April 28, 2014:

The true allround inverted rubber, even in 2014.
More efficient than VariSpin in offensive play, just as efficient in short game and defensive shots. Awesome.
Review mahomedy13 said this on August 31, 2014:

the best classic rubber.very durable.can be used by all type of players.performs well on any blade.
Review Wing said this on September 20, 2014:

Compared to modern rubbers, Mark V is definitely slower and has a less efficient sponge but it has a very good feeling of control albeit a slight bit bouncy. Dwell time is good, decent spin that can easily produce slow spinny balls that mess up opponents. This is a good rubber to step up from cheap premade bats as there is good feedback that will allow development of technique. You can get the rubber for about $25 and at that price I would not bother with Chinese rubbers with their suspect quality control. Compared directly with the Sriver, I find the Mark V to be much superior to the plastic feeling Sriver.
Review achand777 said this on September 23, 2014:

When I was younger, I played with a Butterfly Power Drive/Mark V combination. This setup allowed me to win several tournaments in the early 1990s. After a 23 year layoff, I picked the sport back up and joined a league. When choosing a new blade/rubber combination, I was overwhelmed by new technologies such as carbon blades, tensor rubbers, etc. I began by purchasing a hard carbon blade (Xiom Stradivarius) with a fast rubber (Yasaka Rakza 7 soft). This combination was too fast for defensive strokes such a chops. I then decided to go with a slower more controllable rubber (Xiom Vega Europe). This rubber allowed my game to improve, giving me more confidence in strokes such a looping and blocking. Yet, I still wanted more control without sacrificing speed. I then decided to experiment with an all wood blade in order replicate the playing ability of my old Power Drive. I switched to a Nittaku Septear/Vega Europe combo and found my playing ability improve rather quickly. However, I was lacking confidence in my shots when playing against certain styles. After much consideration I purchased a Nittaku Kasumi Basic/Yasaka Mark V combo. This combination was amazing. I could hit all my shots with ease. I even defeated many players in my league that were giving me fits before. This combination provided excellent speed with precise control. I was truly amazed. This goes to show that a "classic" rubber from decades ago along with a simple 5-ply wood blade can be just as formidable a weapon as the newer technologies. As a result, I don't see myself using anything else. This rubber can't be beat when it comes to gears and its ability to play any kind of shot with consistency. Mark V would be perfect for a fast offensive blade in order to slow it down and provide greater control. Conversely, it can also take a slower all around blade and provide good speed with even better control. I highly recommend Mark V for all levels of play from beginner to advanced.
Review chiraggoel said this on October 2, 2014:

little slow
Review dangerhow said this on October 6, 2014:

I put this rubber on backhand and i feel that this rubber ia slower than i expected when im trying to do a backhand loop even though i already use a fast blade.
Review Josh20 said this on November 2, 2014:

This is an amazing rubber, very good speed, spin and control. This plays very well on an Off++ blade. It's weight and sponge hardness is perfect and also the top-sheet looks good. It can be used for forehand or backhand rubber or both!. You can play any shot you like with awesome control. I would recommend it for intermediate/advanced players for this rubber to be used to it's full potential, however it can be used by serious beginners also. Serves are also very good and spiny and the short game is outstanding.

I have Yasaka Mark V on my backhand in 2mm sponge and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is hoping to improve their game. I would say that the Mark V is the best in the Mark V range.
Review master_f said this on December 2, 2014:

Powerful in Spinning Attack! While Control and Speed are victorious. Most Recommended for advanced players who are eager to be the next champs!!!
Review originalsamson said this on December 7, 2014:

i love this rubber. very consistent. for every person that i know thats getting into the sport, i always recommend the mark v. it is also good for an experienced player that wants a long lasting and very controllable rubber. bottom line, best rubber for all around.
Review Kaustubh said this on January 20, 2015:

Yasaka Mark V is suitable for attacking all-rounders. It has a soft sponge. It is a very good rubber which lasts very very long.
Review Frogger said this on January 20, 2015:

Used by 0lympic champion Ma Lin. My vote for the finest rubber in the world. Mark V is not slow, it is fast with great spin. It excels at close to table play with great touch for the short game as well as looping, hitting and quick counters. The speed to control ratio is high. No rubber is more consistant from sheet to sheet. Not as fast or spinny as tensors but more controled speed. A great rubber for any player from beginner to pro depending on thickness. Update concerning spin. With Mark V used on blades with limba outer plys the spin is higher than expected. Play it with BTY M. Maze or Primorac and you have a spin machime. Loops have severe topspin. Those that think Mark V is to slow simply do not have the technique or arm speed to get the full potential. Having used most of the tensor rubbers including many Tenergy's I returned to Mark V with better consistency while still maintaining powerful loops and drives. The perfect inverted rubber.
Review HumbleBear said this on January 27, 2015:

I first had this rubber on my 2nd blade--Galaxy T-11+. For some reasons it did not perform well and made the sweetspot seem smaller.

Then when I got my 3rd blade-Bty Primorac Carbon, so I switched Mark V onto the new blade. The slowness of this rubber somehow teamed up pretty good with the very fast characteristic(OFF+) of the blade on the backhand. It's got a nice soft feel that enhanced the dwell time and has pretty good grip that I could produce very good & powerful BH shots while facing down the blade quite much. Opponents thought I have a fast rubber but I told them it's not the rubber but the blade and my technique.

It seems to be very durable as I have been using it for 2 months (3-4x/week) hitting very hard. Even though it is more expensive than DHS H3 but it seems a lot more durable that the top sheet stays intact with the sponge unlike the H3 where it separated several times already and I had to glue it back.

I highly recommend this rubber on an OFF+ stiff blade, but do not put it on a slow blade.


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