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Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka Rakza 7 ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 53 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 116 times)

There are 56 users using the Yasaka Rakza 7.
From community:
Speed   9.1
Spin   9.3
Control   8.8
Tackiness   3.2 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   5.6 - Medium-high
Weight   5.3 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   6.1 - Medium-hard
Gears   8.7 - Many gears
Durability   7.8 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.6
Overall   9.5 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 94.0 / 100
Spin 95.0 / 100
Control 67.0 / 100
Tensor   No

Description of Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka, using mainly natural rubber gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new Power Sponge. The top sheet and Power Sponge work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber Rakza 7. When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber grips the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved. A winning combination!

Reviews of the Yasaka Rakza 7

Review Salty said this on June 21, 2010:

Great for heavy spin serves.
Nice control to receive serves.
I find this rubber very easy to control the legnth and direction of my shots.
Still fast enough to put the ball past my opponants with a good smash!
Review mrmr1964 said this on July 11, 2010:

I hover between the Rakza7 and Tenergy 05 on my forehand. Rakza is slightly better for smashing while Tenergy is slightly better for looping. R7 is great for serves. Pushing I probably prefer Tenergy 05 a bit more only because I prefer the Timo Boll ZLC blade it is on. While the R7 is on a Stiga CarboKev blade. Both rubbers have good dwell time with T05 only slightly longer due to its spring sponge. All in all Rakza 7 is a top class rubber and I thoroughly recommend it. The key is to ensure you put it on a blade that suits your play.
Review Anonymous said this on July 25, 2010:

In the first time in very hard, but after 1 week the sponge transform in medium hard.

the rubber have very spin and is fast in special to smashing.

Is very good to shot topspin and attack in straight path. easy to control. realy is good rubber.

I use the rubber with Michael Maze (arilate carbon)
Review ttcollector said this on August 15, 2010:

get used to it and you'll have a predictable straight to the point controlled game. amazing.. try!!!
Review Anonymous said this on November 11, 2010:

alternative for t05 and even better coz the sponge is slightly softer still hard enugh for smash :o)
Review DKSL said this on December 12, 2010:

I m yasaka fan since mark v time. Now i bought this new generation from yasaka. I really love it's consistency of control and spin. As yasaka rubbers are very good in control, this razka 7 produce really good control. razka 7 can produce more spin than mark v for both rally and serving. Overall it's the great rubber. Recommended for all higher level players
Review Martin said this on December 25, 2010:

Use it om my bh. 1.8mm. Very Good rubber. Little bit slower than tenergy. I have tenergy 05 1.0 mm om fh. My blade is à waldner senso carbon.
Review slamdally said this on March 20, 2011:

I have tried t05-Acuda S1-Baracuda-hexer all on fh of andro all+ blade rakza 7 has more spin than all rubbers listed speed is second to Acuda s1 throw is high like t05 7 has more control than hexer and t05 same as s1. My ranking in spin.
1 rakza 7 (Yasaka)
2 Tenergy 05 (Butterfly)
3 Acuda S1 (Donic)
4 Baracuda (Donic)
5 Hexer (Andro)
1 Acuda S1
2 Rakza 7
3 Tenergy 05
4 Hexer
5 Baracuda
1 Baracuda
2 Rakza
3 Acuda s1
4 T05
5 Hexer
Top three are real close in play just s1 throw angle is lower.
Review SC Chao said this on March 23, 2011:

I try this ruber in RSM platinum specail and cypress Max, and I found the rubber is fantastic in both spin and speed. The serve is easily control and can make a deep or speedy serve, the receive is also fine. The durability is average. The onlcy concern is the gluing. more glue is needed to stick the rubber to the hinoki blades
Review worldtt said this on April 11, 2011:

Fantastic rubber, I put 2 rakza in a Timo boll spirit and is very spectacular.
Is very fast with a lot of spin.
For chop is very good with a lot of control and spin.
To do topspins is amazing.
I recomended this rubber for backhand and forehand specially for players with a medium-high level.
Very good rubber!!
Review Anonymous said this on April 22, 2011:

An excellent rubber that i would recommend to any blocker or attacking player . Great combo of spin and speed , with the extra grip of the ball providing greater control .
Review Speen said this on April 24, 2011:

Well, this rubber may be a little hard to get in the start because of its speed. But after some trainning sessions, it begins to be quite easy to play with. The throw is medium-low. Spin? High, mainly in sidespin loops. Is it a good alternative to tenergy? YES.
Review FC said this on May 3, 2011:

I like this rubber. It has excellent speed, spin and control. I strongly recommend it.
Review guifre said this on August 2, 2011:

it's the best yasaka rubber. it's incredible! i love it! it's very fast and halucinative spin. all with very very good control. i recomend this with an off blade and you creates a fantastic bat. and because it's natural gum the rubber lasts a very long time!
Review TTmaster1 said this on August 22, 2011:

this rubber is a very good rubber it has sublime control you can destroy your opponent with heavy spin serves topspins blocks re-topspins this rubber is one of the best allround-rubbers in the world everyone can play with this!!!
Review igszoctan said this on September 14, 2011:

Wow! This is the rubber I have been looking for my BH! It grabs the ball and returns it with a vicious spin wherever I want on the opponents side! And now I can generate very short, close-to-the-table, low-throw and threatening loops, backspins or undercuts. Congratulations Yasaka!
Review Sam said this on September 17, 2011:

I had Rakza7 for quite some time on my Andro OFF+ blade, but mostly played with other more defensive blade (I like to chop). Recently by chance, I started looping with the Andro OFF+ with Rakza7 and wow, it has a lot of spin. You can lift the heavy backspin with it fairly easy. Compared to Tenergy, it's a bit more softer and tackier and it feels lighter than Tenergy. I like the fact that if you block with it, it takes the opponent's spin and reverses it pretty well, so the ball doesn't fly over the table if you block heavy shot with a little upwards move.
Review Anonymous said this on September 23, 2011:

I am a long time tenergy 05 user, and this rakza rubber will now be replacing it. The spin is huge, like the t 05, but control seems much better. The tenergy would get a little wild in high speed/spin exchanges, where the rakza seems a bit more stable. It's got the qualities I like about the t05-the outrageous spin, without the qualities I dont- the price and the unpredictability. At half the price of the tenergy, it's more than worth the money. Excellent product
Review Anonymous said this on September 27, 2011:

i used and trust Mark V rubber, i think i should try this one...
Review Rob said this on October 5, 2011:

I spent a bit of time looking an alternative to the Tenergy rubbers. Rakza 7 is not an alternative... its better!
It gives you all the qualities of T05, with more control and at half the price. It was a pretty simple decision for me.
Review guybrush said this on December 7, 2011:

Fantastic rubber!
Is very fast with a lot of spin.
Very good control.
Topspins and chop is very good. Also impressing is the serve-returns. VERY fun to loop with.I recomended this rubber for forehand, but it is good on the backhand too.
Review Jesse said this on December 12, 2011:

Good Rubber. Not very durable. Now it is very smooth, after 6 months. In the begin a very spinny rubber, but after some time it is useless.
Review zephyros said this on December 27, 2011:

A very complete rubber. High spin and very fast. It takes time to control it but when you do it is a deadly weapon. Also is quite heavy so isn't a good idea to glue it in a heavy blade. What I really like of this rubber is its consistency. You can do almost everything good with this beauty!
Review msilhanek said this on February 21, 2012:

My backhand rubber atm. My originall backhand rubber was DHS Skyline 3 Neo and it was good. But I had an injury and wasn't able to play for 3 weeks. After that pause, my Skyline 3 was completelly different. Much slower (it was almost like a def rubber), weird sound. I tryed to reglue it but it didn't help... My forehand Skyline 2 Neo survived that pause well without any problems, really dunno what happened. After that, I started searching some alternatives. Tryed Donic Baracuda, Xiom Vega Europe and Rakza. Rakza is the best of these rubbers for me. It's sponge hardness is medium-soft (if you check the ratings, you can see that DHS Skyline 2 Neo should be softer - 5.1 comp. to Rakza's 5.8. It isn't correct at all, just try to press both rubbers between fingers and you can see Rakza is significantly softer. Another example why you shouldn't believe in the ratings here). It produces decent spin but it isn't a spin monster like Skyline or Tenergy (+- same as Baracuda, much more than Xiom Vega Euro). Speed isn't high, almost the same like Skyline 2 Neo or Baracuda. Controll is good but you can get rubbers with better ball feeling. It performs best in mid distance looping, slightly worse in fast drives and close to the table game. It is a good rubber overally but I think I'll not keep it for a long time.

EDIT (November 2011): I've changed my mind. I'm keeping Rakza, it rocks. Good speed (not extra fast, slightly under Tenergy 05), ideal throw angle, awesome controll and pretty good in looping. Ok, spin is slightly lower comparing to DHS Neo rubbers but you don't need so much effort and power to get a ball over the net from a strong chop. I have Tenergy 05 and Rakza 7 on my blade atm and Rakza dominates in everything. I'll remove Tenergy soon, 2nd sheet of Rakza is on a way to me. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a Tenergy alternative, it can work better! I'm a proof of that.

EDIT (December 2011): I use this Rakza on my forehand side, replaced it by Stiga Boost TX on my backhand. The reason is simple - it's throw angle was too high for my backhand (lower than Tenergy's anyway). On the other hand if it's throw was higher, it could be a 10/10 rubber for my forehand. It is because I usually play mid distance forehand loops, oftenly fighting with opponent's strong chop. I can handle that but the throw angle for that could be slightly higher for perfection, something between T05 and Rakza. But nothing is perfect, Rakza is an awesome rubber.

EDIT (December 2011): I'm back with Rakza on my backhand. I was thinking about it for a long time and this is better. Rakza's attacking potential is higher and as a both winged looper I need more spin and speed from the mid distance. Boost isn't bad but it is much worse in mid distance looping. It's about a compromise.

EDIT (Feb 2012): My forehand Rakza didn't last longer than 3 months. It is an awesome rubber but it doesn't last ages if your style is agressive.

EDIT (Feb 2012): After many test I've finally stabilized my setup. Rakza is the best offensive rubber I've ever played with. Using both rubbers in max thickness atm but I'll buy the 2.0 version on my bh next time. Many people prefer Tenergy but I don't. Rakza is better in everything from my point of view.
Review KinD said this on February 21, 2012:

This rubber is realy realy realy great for players who likes to play allround + this rubber feels like tensor and has a great sound and is controlled like Something Strong specie ... Great for every kind of play :)
Review neox3 said this on February 23, 2012:

My preferite rubber for forehand. Good speed, a lot of spin. Very great rubber.
Review Anonymous said this on March 1, 2012:

i just bought this rubber like 3 days ago and let me tell you is the best rubber ever for your backhand simply amazing...
Review Anonymous said this on March 15, 2012:

i use it on fb the soft version on bh...this thing is fast and spinny!!! good control better than tenergy ...more linear than tenergy ...meaning better short game
Review Loop11 said this on March 29, 2012:

I m a medium player using innerforce zlc. Before this i used tenergy 64 for both side. Cant control it. Its too fast for me for the fh.
R7 is great for me. It not as fast as T64 but just nice speed. The smash just amazing. Faster than T64 and xiom pro.block i prefer t64. Control very good compare to t64. I think its an arround rubber. Easy to play with it
Review topplayerrr said this on March 29, 2012:

The rubber is great but the throw angle is so high that only after i returned to my coppa platin rubber i understood how much it destroyed my game.... I used it on Mazunov blade and i had to sell the rubber.
Review AI said this on April 7, 2012:

highly recommended!!
Review Anton said this on April 16, 2012:

very nice balance in speed spin and control, make playing getting consistancy.
Review hansonlee said this on April 29, 2012:

i am not a very pro, but this is great.
Review Naufal said this on May 30, 2012:

use in my FH to replace my DHS H3 Neo..take sometimes to change from chinese loop style to euro/jap style..after get used to it, it feels like i tamed the beast...really good rubber
Review riker71 said this on June 9, 2012:

Using with Stiga Offensive NCT 2mm on FH. Huge spin on serves and opening loops. I can generate great spin with this rubber. Sponge is medium, feels around 35. Good speed and power for FH away from table. Control and short game good for tensor
Review TTaddict said this on September 10, 2012:

pro rubber, if you make mistakes is your fault, don't blame it;D fast, resistant, high spin. cool rubber. exactly what i've expected.
Review michiy said this on September 30, 2012:

One of the best rubbers I've used. Consistency is the key point of this rubber. Yes it provides speed and spin to your shots, but it is very consistent. You can almost rely entirely on this rubber to land shots on the table. Good forehand rubber.
Review Megachemguy said this on October 24, 2012:

I put it on TBS for FH. I have tried many rubbers to replace T05 and spent lots of money. This is the one I will say it's T05 replacement. The throw angle is lower but practicing will comfort your style.
Review banjo398 said this on October 30, 2012:

Just got it today. Very nice.
Easy return of chops and pushes
Very spinny serves
Nice for blocking
Hard to control in the beginning
Review geomil09 said this on November 21, 2012:

Great rubber! My style is attacking game on both wings, with active blocking and counter hitting.
After trying various rubbers (T64, T64fx, T25, T05fx, Andro Hexers, Palio Thor, Xiom Omega IV Pro and Europe, to mention just a few) I've found the best backhand rubber in Yasaka Rakza 7. I've been using it for 5 months now. I started with max, then 2.0mm but 1.8 mm has been the best so far. It is difficult to source (1.8mm) in Europe thou. Import from US is a bit pricey but worth it.
It offers perfect feel for short play, return of the serve is well controlled. It is fast. For me the Max is too fast for controlled game. However, 1.8 is fast enough for very effective attacking bh push. But the real advantage comes when you want to play an opening loop against the chop. So easy! BH top spin with this rubber is decent too, max or 2.0 is more suited for this shot. Whichever sponge thickness you choose it will give you a lot of control, but 1.8mm gives you the most in this department. It has an ideal throw angle for backhand, not too linear, not too high. Again if you play close to the table, or up to 1m away, 1.8mm is perfect. If your game is further away go for 2.0mm, or max. Blocking is easy and well controlled with any sponge thickness. I've tried Rakza 7 SOFT 1.8 as well. However, my personal preference is Rakza 7 1.8mm. But then I've always liked medium hard rubbers...
It's a perfect match to BF Innerforce ZLC and for me works the best with BF Tenergy 05 1.9mm on the other side. That's my league set up. For fun play I use Innerforce ZLC with Rakza 7 2.0 on bh and Tenergy 05 2.1 on fh. Try it you won't be disappointed.
Review RNL said this on March 8, 2013:

I love the Rakza series. I use the Rakza 7 2.0 mm on my BH. There's plenty of spin and speed for my strong, flicky stroke, and provides nice spin in my serves. On my FH, I find I need just a tad more dwell time, so I use Rakza 7 soft in max. I have been using Rakza for almost a year and a half, and haven't found anything I like better. It's durable, spinny, and has a nice throw angle, yet handles chops and pushes without the catapult effect you get with Tenergy.
Review prent73 said this on March 13, 2013:

Outstanding rubber with great speed and spin without jeopardizing good control of the ball!
Review ejb said this on April 2, 2013:

Been trying out a lot of rubbers recently (Rasant, T25fx, Hexer Duo, Acuda S2 & T80), but Razka 7 is the best of the lot. I heard it was great, but I have been surprised by just how much control you get, particularly on the block, for such a fast and spiny rubber. Great for BH or FH. Highly recommended.
Review superspin said this on June 21, 2013:

very good rubber, does everyting very well, excellint for looping also great control. sponge is porous and topshet is very durable and feels elastic too. i was playing xiom pro before, and i can tell they play exactly the same, vega has bit more spin and power at all areas. question is which brand do u favour. i am confused i think yasaka fh, xiom bh makes no difference. i forgot to mention they are made in the same factory!
Review poor_knight said this on August 22, 2013:

I've been using Rakza 7 max on my FH for the past couple of weeks. As a modern defender, I find this rubber to be extremely well suited for my play style.

First and foremost, while this is a genuine fast-and-spinny offensive rubber, it reacts to heavy topspin almost like a defensive inverted rubber. With it, it is easy to control and return heavy loops. As such, it is great for fishing and, unlike my experience with Yanus and Tackiness Chop, your fished returns have heavy topspin. Also, this rubber has excellent power and control for a flattish drive or smash. You can power through the ball and (to an extent) ignore the spin. Best smashing rubber I've ever used. Beautiful control for counter looping in general. My main problem to date is that it is easy to return heavy topspin with heavier topspin, but much harder to generate topspin off a dead ball. But I've only been using this rubber a short while so might need to adjust my technique.
Review Tarheel2536 said this on October 7, 2013:

A solid attacking rubber. Heavy. Uncontrollable in chopping. Sure, it's an attacking rubber--but the Xiom SEII is faster, spinnier, and better for chopping.
Review SnailHands said this on October 24, 2013:

High control, lots of gears to work with, very good at blocking high spin loops. Recommended . Using on fh on donic waldner carbon
Review man_iii said this on November 12, 2013:

Fast spinny rubber which is very very lightweight compared to any chinese rubber. Great for loops and aggressive play. For intermediate and pros only. This rubber looks to be a keeper. Spin is king on this rubber. Ball acceleration is tremendous, it imparts insane spin.
Blocking, pushing, chopping all works really well. Flipping seems to require bit of work to get right. Technique makes a huge difference. There is some "forgiveness" in the rubber but not that much. Most balls land in if you were aiming inside the table and not trying to achieve orbit.

Blocking is a strong suite just as much as looping and hitting. Point and shoot, stroke and play.

I've started using Max ( 2.2 mm) RED version now for BH. The speed and spin helps with my weakness in returns on the BH-side.

The best Yasaka for those wanting to play an aggressive game while adding a little variation with push/blocks. Good amount of spin and speed with the right technique will make your opponent think twice as your returns progressively get faster and spinnier :-)
Review revsy333 said this on November 30, 2013:

now my perminent fh rubber use to buy cheap rubbers but started trying different rubbers people say its like tenergy i say its better in every aspect get so much spin
Review gabejk said this on February 6, 2014:

a lot of people say its better then tenergy and i agree. you never get tired of this helpful tool and is unreplaceable. Its way cheaper then tenergy and its worth it
Review Matuldo said this on February 24, 2014:

Rakza 7 is the best rubber which I used for my FH. It's very good topspin rubber like T05 and is good for smashing but when you want to play short chop or drive the ball goes to the middle of the table, so it is a little bit fast rubber. I use this rubber on the carbon blade so topspins are fast enough but it lost control.

This rubber is very good for topspin players who play in the median distance from a table.

I think I will used this rubber for my FH. Topspins are very similar than T05.
Review Frogger said this on March 30, 2014:

A great choice for mid level to pro. An advanced rubber with powerful loops, drives and smash. Very fast rubber that has many grears and great spin. Takes several training sessions to tame this beast but plays much like BTY T05 without the high price of T05. Outstanding for mid distant looping. Good feel with service returns and blocking. 1.8mm best to start with. Outstanding quality. Update: Rakza 7 generates more spin when executing shorter strokes than many attack rubbers. Price to performance ratio is a no brainer compared with T05. Works great on all wood blades in the ALL+, OFF- classes for close to table looping and counter game with power. Some say it has short life, I disagree. Use rubber film and keep it clean for use up to 9 months playing 2X week.
Review golandaz_mi said this on April 5, 2014:

I found my permanent forehand rubber. Tried 2.0 black on time boll spirit. Awesome combination. Very powerful rubber, great control for a fast rubber. Not spin sensitive, yet produces heavy spin. Descent for chops and blocks. Generates heavy power loops and powerful smashes.
Review guidovaessen said this on May 9, 2014:

great rubber its fast and it had a lot of spin good for offensive players that want to try something else than tenergy
Review Otto16 said this on May 9, 2014:

This rubber is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review RafW said this on July 23, 2014:

The best BH rubber I played with to date!
I seem to have rather natural shots with my BH and could adapt to the Yasaka Rakza 7 without any problem. I liked it even better than Tenergy05. There were not so many differences though. The thing that tipped the ballance in favor of the Rakza 7 was the possibilty to hit a flat BH with a lot of consistency.
If you prefer to hit spinny shots, that is not a problem as well.
Control is amazing: short, long, left, right, middle... Blocking is a breeze: the rubber is not very sensitive to incoming spin.

Conclusion: This is a keeper!
Review jbgwtf said this on August 20, 2014:

on tbs im satisfied with rakza 7 , i changed from joola maxxx 450 and rakza is better rubber for forehand but little bit slower , bh can be played, it has high throw angle and for me its natural for forehand... simular throw like acuda s2 and tenergy05 ..., but for 3rd ball and away from table its great...
Review Magnus said this on October 31, 2014:

Rakza 7 is the best BH rubber that I've ever used as it grips the ball well even on very deep angle of slope when the ball is hit late or off timing. Due to its medium throw angle, the consistency of hitting the table is high, just apply a proper brush stroke & the ball will land perfectly on your target. This rubber is forgiving enough when right angle of swing & adequate ball-to-top sheet contact are made. The control rating of this rubber is also so amazing as you can easily do pushes & blocks accurately based from the applied force on the ball. It's also less sensitive against heavy spin from a loop or under spin, thus a player can easily do counter-looping rallies, chops & controlled blocks. On spin category, as long as the ball is hit with proper blade angle, to create a good ball contact, & at down slope trajectory (2 - 3 'clock angle), huge amount of ball rotation will be achieved & almost comparable to Tenergy 05.
The top sheet is a firm med-soft natural rubber which seems to be a high quality one. Still, a bit fragile after 6 months of usage. The sponge is medium hard, about 38 degree on DHS rating, which aid this rubber to have a speed rating of 9/10. Overall, the durability of Rakza 7 is very good compare to Xiom & Donic rubbers.
Generally, Rakza 7 is an overall type of weapon whether on FH or BH, but still, this will be my best BH rubber of all the rubbers out there.
Review kayuhkuat said this on February 14, 2015:

Not feel like tenergy 05 but still good.


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