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Galaxy Sun

Galaxy Sun ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 16 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 21 times)

There are 5 users using the Galaxy Sun.
From community:
Speed   8.5
Spin   8.6
Control   8.8
Tackiness   2.3 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   4.4 - Medium
Weight   6.3 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   5.1 - Medium
Gears   7.0 - Above average gears
Durability   7.1 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   8.3
Overall   8.5 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 120.0 /
Spin 90.0 /
Tensor   No

Description of Galaxy Sun

High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese rubber. It is a high-performance non-tacky rubber.

Built to compare with the Butterfly Tenergy 25.

Non-tacky Galaxy rubbers compared:
- Galaxy Moon, High throw, offensive rubber, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 05!
- Galaxy Sun, Lower throw, close to table attack, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 25!
- Galaxy Mars V2, Lowest throw, offensive rubber, controlled version of Butterfly Tenergy 64!

Reviews of the Galaxy Sun

Review Anonymous said this on June 15, 2011:

I expected it to be faster but it disappoint me in this area.
BUT what is amazing is the spin!!!!!!!!!! I was LIKEEE WOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Control is also good.
I use this rubber on my backhand which i uses to play with more speed than spin. But with Galaxy sun i can do the same technique by going though the ball but get more spin.

FLICKING is alsoo great with this rubber :O!!!!!!!!

I guess this rubber is good for beginners :D
Review seguso said this on June 27, 2011:

In short: this is the poor man's Xiom Vega Pro. A bit slower, a bit harder, a bit less spinny topsheet, a bit fewer gears, a bit lower throw, heavier, a bit less of everything, but still the feeling is very similar to vega pro. Tried on the same blade, stiga offensive wood nct.

Medium throw, more or less like Hurricane 3, a bit less than xiom vega pro and tenergy 05. higher than galaxy moon (the description says the opposite but it is wrong).

Good spin.

Reasonably fast. On a carbon blade, this rubber is fast enough for anyone, probably too fast.

Medium hardness (softer than Hurricane 3 NEO but harder than T05 or Gambler outlaw). I am talking about the 38 deg version.

This rubber is supposed to be a clone of Tenergy 25, but is more like xiom vega pro.

Very heavy (unlike galaxy moon).

Topsheet is not tacky (unline galaxy moon which is tacky) but grabby and spinny.

Sun is less grippy than Moon: Sun can fail to grip the ball at low speeds. It is also easier to lift backspin. Moon is better at both.

Sun is more powerful than Moon, and has a bit higher throw.

Bottom line: if you need high throw, speed and spin, and cannot afford a Vega Pro, this is the rubber for you.
Review kpax said this on September 13, 2011:

realy nice rubber ,amazing ball controll and perfect feeling
Review fluturas101 said this on December 13, 2011:

This is a very good BH rubber for its price (13 USD on http://ttnpp.com). It has decent speed and spin and a medium throw angle. Pushing doesn't work great but this might be from the blade.

So far, Galaxy Sun has been the best Chinese rubber I have played with.
Review AshishS said this on December 29, 2011:

I have tries these in 37 deg/max for my forehand with Galaxy Hinoki Carbon. Good control and above average spin. This is definitely no Tenergy though.
Review phillypong said this on January 5, 2012:

I tried a 2,2 mm red yinhe sun (hardness 33 marked on sponge) on a Waldner Senso Carbon blade and i was really disappointed, not fast, very difficult to get heavy spin on the ball (only with very fast arm movement), on the up-side it is very linear and controlled , so has good control to block and push and service return

But as a ESN tensor user for about 4 years now (Andro Revolution, Revo Fire, Nimbus, Donic Coppa JO Gold) i was not happy at all with this rubber.

Maybe i have one from a bad production batch ?
Review ashishsharmaait said this on January 14, 2012:

I have tried 3 sheets of 37 deg hardness on Galaxy T-11 & Dynasty Hinoki Carbon.

Good Euro style rubber. Good grip, can generate mechanical spin but not very useful for over the table.

Cons: Very heavy, nightmare for close to the table play. There are lighter rubbers with a higher throw.

It is nearly unplayable for neart the table game on an Off/Off+ Carbon bat. At 3-5 feet from the table, the rubber can generate good spin and has excellent control. If you can dig into the sponge, you can generate sudden dipping arcs which are difficult to read for the opponent.

I use it on my alternate setup when playing doubles as it can generate good speed, spin and control mid-distance and there more opportunity for big heaves at the ball.
Review santiago said this on February 10, 2012:

Está goma es perfecta para el revés , tiene mucho efecto para devolver los servicios de distintas formas, tiene un control óptimo que te da la confianza para bloquear y colocarla donde uno la desee, tiene una sensación parecida a la de tenergy 25, pero tiene mucho más efecto y control
Review yee said this on April 6, 2013:

good bh rubber i play rpb and its great.
forehand is also not bad. if you play penhold i recommend you this rubber on the back hand.
Review blackbird74 said this on August 15, 2013:

Tested Hardness Red 36 / Black 39. Both 2.2mm.

Rubber is very slightly tacky when new. The ball will not stick to it. Good to moderate amount of spin.

Quite fast and springy. Bit difficult to control the bounce in close-table play, but great for loops and drives a bit further back from the table.
Throw angle I found to be medium.

Blocking was quite good as springy and plenty of bounce.

Pushing and chop serves were good for control but spin was not heavy due to lack of tacky surface. Still very good though.

Attacking felt really good at mid-distance with lots of power and spin with a nice arc, but closer to the table it is more difficult to control and need to take the pace off the ball quite often to keep it on the table. Therefore, a bit lacking in gears.

Overall, I would recommend it for an attacker at mid-distance who doesn't play close the the table much. Control is quite good and the sponge not too hard.

My ratings:
Speed: 8.8; Spin: 8.6; Control: 8.4
Tackiness: Slightly tacky; Throw Angle: Medium
Weight: Medium-heavy; Sponge Harness: Medium; Gear: Average
Durability: Lasts longer than average; Consistency: Always identical
Overall: 8.6
Review Sebu said this on October 2, 2013:

Good for blocking, not that sensitive to spin. Medium speed, not that spinny rubber. Serve, push and loop average.


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