(No Brand) Gel Hunter (Asics)

(No Brand) Gel Hunter (Asics) Shoes
Approx. $ 130 USD
Price $

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Grip 10.0   
Too grippy, you can trip!
Comfort 9.0
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Weight 8.0   
Overall 7.5 10
Support to the limit
A very light shoe yet offering superb support. An extra grippy profile with a specially formed built-in sole for absorption, stability and maximum dampening provides a perfect shoe for table tennis.The gel cushioning system to the front part of the shoe ensures extreme comfort.

7â13 Normal £77.99

These are a dream shoe once your feet have bedded into them, a little on the pricy side but they feel as light as a feather and solid as a rock with great grip, so theyre worth it for me. like i say, they do take a little time to mold onto your feet and they came up a toutch small so i had to re-order the next size up.

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