Dynamic Table Tennis Serve And Serve Return - Part 1

Dynamic Table Tennis Serve And Serve Return - Part 1 Training DVD
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Level 7.5   
Advanced (for players up to 2100 USATT)
Instruction 10.0   
Very detailed and easy to understand!
Slow Motion 10.0   
Many helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 10.0   
Professional video and lighting quality
Overall 10.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Length 141 minutes
Instructors Brian Pace
Released 2013
  • Serve
  • Serve Return
Brian Pace (USATT Certified Coach), has created the most extensive video for the most complex skill in Table Tennis, which is the Serve & Serve Return. This first video focuses on the classic Forehand High-Toss Serve, which creates 6 different types of spin. Then this concept is flipped on itâs head, and video takes you through how to identify these types of spin, as well as how to return it.

Runtime for Serve & Serve Return Training for Table Tennis Part 1: 2 hours, and 21 minutes

Reviews (1)

chop  11 months ago

Great video! A lot of slow motion and explanation.

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