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Table Tennis Videos

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Table tennis videos galore! These are the best ping pong videos taken from YouTube and added to this database. This serves as a filter for all the bad table tennis videos you'll find on YouTube. Only the best videos make it here!

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Latest Additions

Tischtennis Regionalliga best of TSG Heilbronn-TV Leiselheim

Added July 07, 2014 by Vids

Rating: Rated 5 Stars

Exhibition Event Match Highlight

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Germany 3rd League

Added July 07, 2014 by Vids

Rating: Rated 5 Stars

Event Match Exhibition Receiving Serve Flip or Flick Counter Pips Footwork

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Chen Weixing's Secret Training

Added September 09, 2013 by BarrowTTC

Rating: Rated 2.5 Stars

Humor Commercial / Advertisement Serve Chopping Footwork Pips

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Chiquita Serve Return

Added July 07, 2013 by ppgear

Rating: Rated 3 Stars

Receiving Serve

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Timo Boll vs. Chen Qi - 2011 WTTC

Added June 06, 2013 by ppgear

Rating: Rated 2.5 Stars

Event Match

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Ping Pong Video Categories

  1. Training (208)
    These are training videos to help you improve your game.
  2. Humor (110)
    These are funny videos about table tennis.
  3. Highlight (235)
    These are highlight reels
  4. Event Match (171)
    These are videos of matches from major professional events.
  5. Home Made (38)
    These are home-made videos of non-professionals.
  6. Exhibition (24)
    These are exhibition matches or just displays of entertainment to display skills.
  7. Movie / TV (68)
    These are movie trailers, clips from movies or TV shows.
  8. Slow Motion (36)
    These are slow motion video clips
  9. Commercial / Advertisement (65)
    These are commercials or advertisements promoting a product such as a rubber, blade or training DVD.
  10. How To (Tutorial) (10)
    Tutorials to instruct you on how to perform a task.
  11. Interview (48)
    These are interviews of table tennis players.
  12. Documentary (31)
    These are table tennis documentaries on the sport and its players.
  13. Other (137)
    These are any other videos of interest (table tennis-related of course) that don't fit in other categories.